Food Matters TV

Check this web site: Food Matters TV.

CornicopiaFood “matters” to me. I won’t be eating in the CARE dining room today; I don’t eat fried food and I don’t eat hot dogs. Sometimes you’ve read my comments about “this old lady” (etc.) but, in reality, I am in very good health for eighty years “young.” I became interested in health, and nutrition, almost forty years ago (in an effort to restore my husband’s poor health). I followed a vegan lifestyle for many years. I was trained as a Health Minister by Hallelujah Acres. Truthfully, I shake my head in bewilderment when I listen to friends and neighbors talk about their diseases, and medications. I don’t “need” all the services provided CARE residents. I do “need” the valuable resources available when or if illness or accident dictate. (I’m particularly thrilled with the on-site clinic, and our wonderful nurse practitioner.)

Thanks givingI’m extremely thankful for my CARE family!!


Giving Thanks

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