Bonkers !!

Emptied soil from tomato planter

Transplanted Mexican Petunia

David helped me carry the tomato planter to “the other side” of my trailer home (too heavy for me to move alone). Unfinished projects drive me “bonkers.” (Unfinished garden projects.) Furthermore, I’m anxious to accomplish all the garden projects before disagreeable weather. ~~ (It took David less than five minutes to fix my furnace.)

Rearrangement of planters

Tomato plant suffering


Mexican Petunia bloomThe burlap bag planter was unique–for home-grown organic tomato plant–but an unsuccessful endeavor. I wanted to recycle the soil to the large planter for Mexican Petunia. Picture (below left) depicts Petunia’s earlier location. Sadly, the deep purple blooms are difficult to see.

Mexican Petunia in former location

Transplanted Mexican Petunia

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