Thursday — worry-day !!

Long tie down (best picture)Remember my blog messages about The Shelter that Ingenuity Built and Bad news, good news?? A BIG storm–and Hurricane Patricia –is moving in… and the wind is whipping my patio awning, and shelter. I’m apprehensive that the tarp will blow away in our first big wind storm!! So I’m already planning my next project: “Tie downs” over the top of the structure. I thought I’d mix up two more pails of cement, insert a long horseshoe-shape piece of rebar, to attach a strap. David suggests four pails, and two straps. Here is a description of what I have in mind–but I don’t want something with stencils. I’ll search further. ~~ Confused head with question markSadly, I’m sitting at my computer, looking out the kitchen-sink window, watching the tarp whipping in the wind. Truthfully, I sitting at my computer and the wind is rocking my trailer-home!!!! ~~ I’m perplexed: Do I need 100 pounds of cement each, or will 50 pounds of cement each be sufficient??

Cartoon lady raking leavesThis morning, I raked and swept leaves and debris. I have two large bags of leaves, etc., for David’s “landfill.” His home is next to a ravine that he is slowly filling with natural material. ~~ With this wind, as you might imagine, my patio and sidewalk is littered again.

Raking autumn leaves


Postscript, Friday, October 23, 2015, 11:50 AM: Ordered on-line from I was able to purchase “olive drab” color so it will blend better with the camouflage tarp. I also ordered two tie-downs for the corners of my awning. Hopefully David will have time to put up my awning before Hurricane Patricia arrives in Texas.  (My awning needs repair [when David has time] and it requires two people to “hand roll” it up to the side of the trailer.)

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