Semi-annual CARE “garage sale”

Three BIG days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. However, CARE residents, employees and volunteers were able to browse and purchase on Wednesday afternoon. I had my eye on a vintage “hall tree” but it was sold prior to my arrival. I planned to put a climbing plant at the base and let it weave tall and wide through the openings. C’est la vie!! ~~ I bought old sheets to cover large planters when we are threatened with freezing temperatures. This Fall and Winter, too many very large planters to move under shelter. ~~ Green Styrofoam “peanuts” for the bottom of planters. (In North Carolina, I made the mistake of using river rock in the bottom, for drainage, and then planters were too heavy for me to move!!)

Garage sale purchases

Four, or five, plant stands

Lots of shoppers (1)

Lots of shoppers (2)

Lots of shoppers (3)

Lots of shoppers (4)

Waiting to pay

Lots of shoppers (5)


On Monday, October 19th, the total (from sales) was announced.

We wish to thank ALL of our Volunteers and Residents for their support, their time and commitment to this year’s Garage Sale!

This cannot take place without everyone coming together for the common goal.

We also want to extend a really BIG THANK YOU to all who donated, shopped or otherwise contributed.

As always it is greatly appreciated.


That being said …. This year’s total from the Garage Sale….was……. $9,135.75

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