Happy, happy, happy !!

Diverse activities today!! First thing this morning, a trip to Builder’s Supply for eight cement paving blocks–to extend the patio. ~~ David’s first stop was Lowe’s for the lumber for steps, and another bag of planter soil (which saved me a trip to Livingston). ~~ Per my request, David built steps for a friend (in Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park). Although I’m an active senior, I’m cautious about falling. I worry when I see steep steps and a frail senior.

Getting started

One down

Lay them down, pick them up

Motorhome steps

Starting the steps

Simple but sturdy

Taking shape

Richard reads

Richard's new steps

Moving lumber

Eight blocks down

Looking good

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Starting the shelterFrankly, David still has several other jobs on the “to do” list but knew I’m anxious for the “storage shelter.” It was a matter of trying pieces to see what would “fit” and whether there were sufficient (for want of a better description) “joints.” Slowly, miraculously, it came together!! ~~ I never expected the salvaged pieces to provide such a large framework: Seven-foot by twelve-foot.  David laughs and says “Look at all the space to hang plants [inside] from the roof.” ~~ Honestly, it doesn’t look like much right now but (hopefully) attractive when covered with the ten by twenty-foot tarp. ~~ I’m so anxious to get some of my clutter out-of-sight!! ~~ (No, I don’t have a dog. That’s David’s “Poncho.”)

Trying this, trying that

Just a few more pieces


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