Two years — and counting !!

Two years ago, I was ready to leave Waxhaw, North Carolina en route to Livingston, Texas. After several years volunteering with Wycliffe Bible Translators, I was planning to volunteer at Escapees CARE. I closed one chapter… and started writing another.

Oct 3, 2013: Hitched up…

Oct 4, 2013: Almost…

Oct 5, 2013: On the road

Oct 5, 2013: More on the road

Oct 6, 2013: Blessings in abundance!!

I echo that last title: “Blessing in abundance”!! Being “tired” is a lament you have heard from me over the months. I guess that goes with being “three quarters and counting” (eighty [80] years young). I’m so grateful for good health and the ability to work on projects in my yard. (And help a dear old gentleman in the adjacent Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park.) Life is good!!

It’s 8:30 as I publish this message and I’m ready to work in the yard. The weather is blissfully cool and delightful!!

One comment on “Two years — and counting !!

  1. seeinsilver says:

    Hard to believe it’s been two years! Enjoy your day.

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