Facing mortality !!

It was a shock, this morning, to see that the motor home–of a near neighbor–was gone. Furthermore, the maintenance staff is preparing to move a motor home from a site corner-wise from the back of my site. At last count, I’ve lost eight resident “family” and “friends” in the two years I’ve lived at CARE. ~~ I’m planning to radically “downsize” in the weeks and months to follow. “Too much stuff!!” (I don’t want someone else to deal with my clutter!!) ~~~~ This morning–in the adjacent Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park–I was learning where to find the food for a precious little dog “in case the owner isn’t around to care for her.” An RVer-friend claimed me as his “guardian angel” and wants me to check on him–and “care” for Rosie.

Motorhome ready to move

Two sites vacated in one day

Two sites in one day (2)

Guardian angel wings wrapped around a heart

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