Yesterday… and today !!

Hot and dirty!! For many hours I was working with cement. True story: I’ve planned to purchase two eighty-pound bags of Quikrete (at $4.19 per bag at Lowe’s)–to prepare “pilings” for the proposed shelter. Suddenly, Sunday afternoon, I became aware that concrete would be delivered–and poured–at CARE, on Monday morning. I hastily prepared and nested empty bird seed bags in my large plastic containers. (When the concrete is dry, we’ll slide it out of the pail. I don’t want to sacrifice my good pails!!) It was my hope, and prayer, I could obtain some “left over” concrete–because it would save me so much labor. ~~ Yesterday, one and one-half pails–a good start!! By eleven-thirty today, I had two full… and three partial. I planned to buy an eighty-pound bag to top the three partial containers. (See next to last picture.) Out-of-the-blue, very unexpectedly, the owner/supervisor arrived at my door with a wheelbarrow full of concrete. “Where do you want it?” I showed him my project and he “topped” the three… and sat and visited with me for about ten minutes. I’m so delighted with his thoughtfulness!! ~~ In the last two pictures, note the area to the left of the five containers. That is where David and I will eventually construct the shelter, with camouflage tarp, storage area. (Everything easy to disassemble [when I die] so the next resident can have a “naked”–no maintenance–yard.)

Maybe I can beg some cement

Big job, maybe I can beg some cement

Many thanks

Number one of five

Hot and humid at two

Number two of five

Raining so I'm under the awning

Bright and early

My reliable hand truck

Three of five

Hot and humid at eleven-thirty

Three are only half full

Five of five

Thank you as a comment

Smiley face two thumbs up

Hot and humid at three-forty

See the hooks?

Bad news

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