Too awful !!

Burned out from hours at the computer, I turned on the television and accidentally found myself watching Live Free or Die Hard. OMG, that was so scary!!!! That is NOT my kind of movie!! After about half-an-hour I came to the computer (at 8;45) to search for details. That movie was released in 2007 and–eight years later–it really “could” happen (IMHO). As a society, we are bound together by electronics. That movie demonstrates how a few bad guys (or terrorists) could wreak havoc. I couldn’t watch it; too frightening!! You see, I am tied to electronics on a small-scale. I check my email frequently; I spend hours on the Internet. I use on-line banking–and bill pay. I have a “dumb” phone but almost everyone I know uses a “smart phone.”

I’mAsleep on a pillow heading to bed; hope I can sleep after that “wild ride.”

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