“Ancestry” is addictive !!

Smiley face helpComputer and man with six cups of coffeeIt’s 12 noon and I’m still in my pajamas. I’m just now having breakfast-lunch. Yes, I had several cups of coffee during the morning. Yes, I’m “bug-eyed” from staring at the computer screen.

There was a time when I criticized family history (genealogy) gathered from the Internet–because I prepared mine “the old-fashioned way” and I found my meticulous research corrupted on the Internet. Now–2015–I’m fascinated by the volumes of original records available to the researcher. Fascinated–an addicted!!

Computer with man and coffee and post-it notesMy recent obsession was fueled by Ancestry “Family Trees” that contained erroneous data. Those are “trees” prepared by individuals (like myself) and readily available along with original records. My criticism (years ago) stemmed from careless (IMHO) linking of individuals without supporting original records. The last few days, I’ve searched thousands (yes, thousands) of original records in an effort to accurately document the families. AND, this isn’t even my lineage!! It was a challenge I couldn’t walk away from!!

Puzzle piece with keyIn my humble opinion, persistence is the key that unlocks the puzzle.

Time and temperature at one-forty-sixToo hot to do anything outdoors. Too hot to walk to the CARE Center!!

Yes, I’ve been working on this blog message for about two hours.

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