Couldn’t resist…

…the temptation to prepare a blog message. (I’m addicted!!) Worked in the yard until nine o’clock. Look, 91 degrees outdoors in the shade at 8:15. Accomplished all the usual: Filled bird feeders, watered the plants, trimmed off “dead heads,” etc., etc. ~~ The prediction is for an extremely hot weekend. We may see an actual 108 degrees. (I’m so grateful the air-conditioner is working admirably!!) ~~ Indoor projects for the remainder of the day. I won’t be going to the CARE dining room for “vegetable soup” (on one of the hottest days of the year).

Temperature at eight-fifteen

Cleaned the fountain

Temperature at twelve-seventeen

No picture of my lunch but worth mentioning. My home-grown cucumber and bell pepper, store-bought carrots, radishes and apple. Also boiled egg from organic-fed range chickens (from near neighbor). To balance the meal, a slice of bread with “24 whole grains and seeds.”

Prepared fresh Hummingbird nectar….

Temperature at four-three

Actual temp at five-nineteen

Feels like temp at five-nineteen

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