Exercise in futility !!

Figure at laptop computer on a tableFor several days, I’ve been “climbing the family tree.” I’m so frustrated because I cannot trace the lineage of a certain gentleman. There are thousands of individuals with his surname, and I have access to several database resources. I’ve hit the proverbial “brick wall” with that branch of the tree!! As I search for his information, I make other connections and add those details to my Ancestry.com database. It’s a challenge for me; I want to connect that family to my ancestral tree!! I’ve searched for his wife’s family; I’ve searched his mother’s family. This is quite unusual because there are millions of records available at our fingertips (on the Internet). Sitting in chair with laptop computerWhen I started doing genealogy (1987) we did it “the old-fashioned way.” We visited libraries and poured over books and manuscripts; we ran roll after roll of microfilm with census records, etc., etc. Now, we can literally be “an armchair genealogist.” We can sit in our comfortable chair, with our laptop computer on our lap, and dig out the details for our tree. (Not so for me the last few days!! I sit at my dining room table.) The cartoon (below) is just to make you smile. “No,” I’m not going to jump on my computer!!

Jumping on the computer

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