Curious circumstances !!

Bird seedWent into Livingston–Tractor Supply–for bird seed. My fine feathered friends go through about fifty pounds of seed every two weeks. Granted, I’ve spoiled them; they know where to find the “bird seed Golden Corral.” Today, I’m exceptionally generous because I’m not “flat broke.” It’s “party time”!!

My KIA was long overdue for a car wash. I was “stuck in line” for about twenty minutes because the car wash had broken down. Even with the car air-conditioner on highest setting, it was extremely hot in the car!!

Railroad crossingI had hoped to get an oil change and lubrication but was pushed to tomorrow.

En-route home, I was the first car stopped at the railroad crossing, and counted sixty-nine train cars and two locomotives.

Spilled iced teaHome again, prepared a big glass of iced tea. Promptly spilled it and had to get down on my hands and knees to clean up!!

So an out-of-the-ordinary morning!!

Ninety-seven actual degrees outdoors in the shade as I publish this at 1:20 PM. Add another eight or nine degrees for “feels like” temperature!!


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