A few flowers…

…that survived too much rain and too much heat.

Mexican Petunia close up

Mexican Petunia full size

Periwinkle close up

Periwinkle in planter

Tomato plant suffering

Tomato plant thriving

Two tomato plants thriving

Strawberry plant (1)

Strawberry plant (2)

Zucchini bloom

Smiley face angry with two thumbs downMaybe check my blog message Watching them grow. Since that earlier blog, some plants have gone to plant heaven due to too much rain water and too much heat and humidity. Gardening in Texas is 100% different from gardening in North Carolina!!

Postscript, Saturday, July 18, 2015, 9:15 AM: I spent a couple of hours in the garden before it got hot and “sticky.” Plants were watered, weeds were pulled, and neglected Hummingbird-Trumpet vine was forcibly encouraged to climb the tree. (It wanted to crawl rather than climb. It was “neglected” because other gardening projects took priority. I’m eager for it to bloom–for my Hummingbird friends.)

Temperature at six-forty

Begonia from North Carolina

Temperature at eight-twenty

Training the vine

Trumpet vine close up

From the Internet.

From the Internet.

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