~ ~ ~ Couci-couça ~ ~ ~

Funny, isn’t it, how thoughts come out of no where?! Someone asked me earlier today how I’m feeling. I said “Couci-couça.” It has been decades since I spoke (or heard) those words. My Army husband was stationed at the Paris American Hospital from 1959-1961. We lived in an apartment in the suburbs of Paris, France. (The most spectacular Independence Day fireworks over the Seine River!!)

Covered wagon-type camper



We did “camping” in Europe!! Before that we traveled back and forth across the United States with our 35 foot Spartan “trailer house.” I’ve been living in “trailers” (off and on) since 1953. (From the Internet, a picture of a Spartan–and “covered wagon”-type camper–both similar to ours.)

Selling my little T@B Teardrop Travel Trailer is sad and I feel “so so.” But it’s the right thing to do. I’m in another chapter of my life and will cherish the memories of T@B Teardrop Travels, and Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting.


One comment on “Couci-couça

  1. David Blocher says:

    Just viewed your blog, very interesting!

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