“Variety is the spice of life”

On my mindCARE residents have a wide variety of activities. Furthermore, a wide variety of weather conditions. As I type this (at three o’clock) it is ninety-three degrees outdoors in the shade. (The hottest day of the year!!) Follow me through the seasons. “Never a dull moment.” Always an opportunity to take pictures. ~~ All this… because Facebook asked “What’s on your mind?” That old expression “Variety is the spice of life” came to mind.

Snow picture January 2014

Home Sweet Home

Planters and feeders

Lengthwise of my site

Sunset over flooded yard

Bluebird house and planters

Planters in yard

Trees with bare limbs

Such a beautiful old tree.

Home Tweet Home

Beautiful old tree

Fall garden flag

Christmas holiday garden flags

Nativity garden flag

Through the air TV

TV antennaThrough-the-air TV reception spares me the cost of expensive satellite service. I receive WiFi from the CARE Center.


On the lake shore (1)

On the lake shore (2)

Lake Lorraine

View from the field

Lake Lorraine

My doorstep area

Before the new blocks were laid down

Front patio area

Elevated planters

Around the rain barrels

Center patio area

Life is goodToo many pictures of flooding?? All the recent major flooding in Texas but we were spared significant damage. When we experienced a power outage, we gathered in the dining room of the CARE Center and enjoyed conversation, coffee and fresh-baked cinnamon rolls. (CARE Center has a generator.) ~~ Life is good!!

One comment on ““Variety is the spice of life”

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