“Historic flooding”…

…according to the Houston morning TV news. “Unbelievable images!!”

I’m sitting here shaking my head in disbelief as I watch the TV images. Reminiscent of Tropical Storm Allison (June 2001) according to news lady. The NBC Today Show was preempted for continuing local news coverage.

Non-spectacular pictures from last night and this morning.

TV weather (1)

TV weather (2)

TV weather (3)

TV weather (4)

Tornado potential

Lightening flashes

Lightening in my area

Morning weather

Weather forecast (2)

Livingston on the crawl

Flooded underpass

Traffic at a stand still

Time and temperature

Two inches in my yard (1)

Two inches in my yard (2)

Temperature at nine-thirty

One week forecast

References are also made to Hurricane Ike (Sep. 2008).

Pray pleaseSuggestion: Please keep the residents of the affected areas in your prayers. No official numbers yet but thousands of flooded homes; thousands of water-damaged vehicles; probably billions of dollars in damages.

A web link with more information about Extreme Floods Texas and Oklahoma.

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