Two comments !!

Temperature before tenOne: You can’t keep me out of the garden. Two: I’m addicted to preparation of blog messages!! (Click each picture to enlarge for better viewing.) ~~ I honestly planned to ***NOT*** burden the reader with same-o, same-o narrative and pictures of my garden.

Getting started

Two down

Weights on the corners

Mosquito plant

Dead Mandevilla removed

New Mandevilla

Tommy gets a trim

Garden veggies

Five Bluebird eggs

Break time

Temperature at eleven

Weather forecast

Getting started

Five down plus weight on cornersMid-morning and early afternoon comparison. (Thirty-seven pounds each.)

Smiley Face with weights

Time and temperature at three

Tomato plant to go

Transplanted giant climbing tomato

Tomato may climb the bed frame

Giant climbing tomato seeds to plants

Maybe tomorrow??

Marigolds in old plantersPostscript, Thursday, May 21, 2015: Follow up!!

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