Getting my ducks in a row !!

Ducks in a rowBlog messages will be abandoned (or curtailed) for a while. The CARE Garage Sale is approaching so I am sorting “stuff” to donate. So much to do!! Too much “stuff”; such a burden!! It isn’t “junk”; it all has value and I thought “I might need it some day.”

A beautiful morning–and I’d love to work in the yard!! I’m forcing myself to focus on downsizing!! Yesterday afternoon and evening (while watching TV), I sorted–and shredded–lots of old paperwork. This morning: electronics which included Magic Jack, two cell phones, and two WiFi devices (being donated)

There was a time when I had surfaces to display family photos in attractive picture frames. No more; no space!! So the pictures were removed and the frames will go into the CARE Gift Shop. ~~ I have costume jewelry items I never wear so they may go to the Gift Shop.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Hummingbird on my feederLater: One thing accomplished “for the garden.” I checked the Internet for the approximate arrival of the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. Some have been spotted in the Houston area so I’ve decided it isn’t too early to fill my feeders and put them out. (So, at 11 o’clock, I am making nectar.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Time and temperature

Hummingbird feeder (2)

Hummingbird feeder (1)Postscript, 2:15 PM: Apology!! I’m not only a “procrastinator,” I’m a “prevaricator.” The yard was drawing me like a magnet; I could not stay away. I pulled weeds; I sprayed weeds; I nipped dead blooms; I watered plants; I hung the Hummingbird feeders.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Postscript: Seconds ago–at 6:37 PM–I saw the first Hummingbird of the season!!!!!!!!! Obviously, checking the migration was the right thing to do today!!!!! ~~ I didn’t move fast enough to get a picture.

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