Unlucky old lady !!

(Not that “luck” has anything to do with it?!?!) The computer crashed and is expensive to repair. ~~ Verizon keeps billing me for “Hot Spot” service I haven’t used (and I didn’t get satisfaction from four phone calls). Remember, I put up a Yagi WiFi antenna so I pick up a free signal from the CARE Center. ~~ I’ve been walking a neighbor’s dog while he is away and the big dog left me with battle scars. No, no, she didn’t attack!! She was just so happy to see me she jumped… and her toenails left me bleeding and bruised!!


“Do not resent growing old, for so many are denied the privilege!”

Author unknown.

2 comments on “Unlucky old lady !!

  1. Deb says:

    No local Verizon office you can visit?

    • Yes, in Livingston. That’s where we had the four phone calls–four conversations; actually two calls.A Verizon representative placed the calls. First call got disconnected–or she (at Verizon) hung up–after about ten minutes time. Second (call) transferred to third person and third person transferred to fourth. Fourth said it wasn’t his responsibility. I’d spent an hour in the Verizon store and was embarrassed about taking so much of the representatives time.

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