Unhappy old lady !!

The hot humid weather has been an overworked topic of conversation on this blog. We’re experiencing triple digits and then add another eight to twelve degrees for “feels like” temperature. The only news worth reporting is the indoor projects accomplished. Pictures later. (I don’t have my laptop computer back yet so can’t upload pictures.) ~~ Today, I actually got out the sewing kit and mended a skirt!! Furthermore, all the clutter is off my bed for the first time in months!!

On Friday, I shopped several thrift shops, and Lowe’s, hoping to buy a bookcase for the health and nutrition books I can’t part with. Nothing suitable. So-o-o-o, Saturday I moved Christian books to another location and put the health books in the bookcase near the front door (so I can share with others). (Pictures later.) I can report that the contents of the trunk, and two apple boxes, have a permanent location. The trunk and apple boxes are going “bye-bye.”

At Lowe’s, I purchased a clothes pole and mounted it over the back-side of my queen-size bed. Now: purses, hats, and other accessories are neatly stored. I haven’t been idle; things have been accomplished. But I’m an unhappy old lady because I prefer to spend time in the yard–and so many projects need my attention!! I’m told the weather will not cool off until October!!

On the bright side: My property was not damaged by an earthquake (like the Napa Valley of California), nor destroyed by fire like an area near Yosemite National Park. We aren’t suffering a draught like California; we haven’t suffered flooding like recent unusual weather in New York and New England states. Counting my blessings!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve conserved my energy today for square dancing tonight.

Just “touching base.”



One comment on “Unhappy old lady !!

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