Downsizing, etc.

My laptop computer has not been repaired. (I’m writing from the CARE Center.) By not checking e-mail messages twenty times a day (more or less) and/or building blog messages, I have lots of time for previously neglected projects. Despite the heat, I worked in the yard until 11:46 this morning. Then a shower before lunch in the CARE dining room. I’ve emptied two apple boxes of health and nutrition books; I emptied a trunk full of winter clothing, costumes, purses, and hats. No place to put them yet but they are out of the storage building (LOL). The storage building needs more TLC (tender loving care) but much too hot to work in there. I’ve managed to sort through a stack of junk mail and I can now see the top of my dining table. Magazines need my consideration: Will I read; will I discard??

Something exciting on the horizon: A cruise!! Eight or ten CARE residents have booked a cruise out of Galveston bound for the Caribbean in late November early December. I hope, and pray, my projects are completed so I can enjoy the trip. Actually, knowing the trip is scheduled–and paid for–I’ll push myself to have everything “done” at home!!

Life is good!! I’m so grateful for the ability to do my yard and projects. This week my backyard neighbor lady moved from her lovely trailer to a convalescent home. She has liver cancer…. Twice this week the ambulance has been here for two other residents. In the ten months I’ve been at CARE, several residents have died. I’m so grateful for my health!!

Just “touching base.”

One comment on “Downsizing, etc.

  1. Jeanne Peeters says:

    Hi Lorraine,
    This is Jeanne. Mick and I volunteered at the Care Center for the month of May, remember us? I just now got a chance to check out your blog. It’s very interesting. You are a good storyteller. A cruise you say. Wish we were there to go with you guys. You said a neighbor lady has liver cancer. Who? Do we know her? And two other residents had to have the ambulance come? Who was that? Also, do you know how Butch is doing? All of those dear people, so precious. God bless them. I pray everyone for them. You all have a special place in my heart. We heard about Keith passing a few days after we left. So sad. You take care and email me when you get time, btwn all those projects!

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