Believe it or not…

… 55 gallons of rain last night!!

Unbelievable!! My yard–and beyond–was a lake. This morning I discovered the new rain barrel was full to overflowing. **If** I’d had time to connect the two barrels, the second barrel might be full too. First the pictures taken last night and this morning.

Rain flow off awning

Rain drops visible

Rain into barrel

Standing water

Standing in water


Full to the overflow

Tub is in neighbor's yard


Rain gauge

Rain water in tub

Water in storage building (1)

Water inside storage building (2)

My containers two sites away (1)

My containers two sites away (2)

Where I store the containers

Time and temperature


Below are pictures taken of the new rain barrel. I believe it is a nice companion for the first barrel. From previous experience, I knew one barrel would fill quickly and I’d need an “overflow.” I never dreamed I’d see that demonstrated within hours after receiving…. Next project: A short piece of garden hose and two hose clamps linking the two barrels. ¬†Inexpensive and effortless. ~~ Last picture: A new wind chime with beautiful glass butterfly. (Four CARE residents went to Coldsprings for lunch and shopping.)

The box with second new rain barrel

Time and temperature

Unpacking new rain barrel

In location

A planter in the top

New windchime

Butterfly wind chimes

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