My word for today: Acute. Stress on this old body is acute but the desire to complete the project is ACUTE. Can’t stop!! It was a cool morning. Rain in the forecast–maybe as early as this afternoon.  I’m hoping the rain will help settle the paving blocks.  It will certainly soften the ground where I plan to lay ten more blocks.


Time and temperature

19 blocks down

With the Carriage on the left

Moved the planter

Time and temperature

Looking good


Rain barrelAching backThe pain is worth it!! I’m delighted with “a cute” rain barrel!! I had it unpacked within ten minutes after FedEx delivered.


Time and temperature

Created a wedge

Coiled hose

Time and temperatureJust could not stop!!

One comment on “Acute

  1. Deb says:

    The rain barrel IS cute! You are getting two different ones? I imagine when the barrel gets some water in there it might settle the pavers? (Water weighing just over 8 lbs a gallon) Patio is looking good! (But I’m glad I’m not your back, lol!)

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