Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Monday, June 23, 2014

Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Schedule

The only thing that disturbs my sleep is the biting insects. I have a citronella candle burning day and night to hopefully keep mosquitoes, flies and “no-see-ums” out of the T@B. I am covered with bites!! Because of the heat, I leave the door and one window wide open day and night; I have two fans moving the air in the trailer.

As I started for breakfast, I felt a drop or two of rain. I took a previously unused umbrella from the KIA. Before I got to the screened dining area, it was pouring rain. I didn’t stay long; I headed back to the trailer to close the door and window. I got soaked; I changed pants. It got so cool, I took out a sweater. But the sweater was quickly abandoned when it stopped raining and the sun came out. A pleasant 73 degrees inside the trailer as I type this at 10:25 AM.

Time and temperature

Fresh Bath wipes


Nell with umbrella

Rain on clock

Time and temperature

Rain from doorstep


Wet pants


Time and temperature

The lake

A sea of standing water

More standing water

Time and temperature

Tent reflection on the water


The contents of these blog messages were typed into the Open Office (free) word processing program prior to “copy and paste” to this location. I had no Internet access; my Verizon “hot spot” did not work. Sunday (yesterday) morning I attempted to access my email messages and prepare a brief blog message saying I arrived safely. At first the message: “No Internet access.” I explored… looking for an answer. My computer indicated I was connected and had a strong signal. Finally, after several attempts, after about ten minutes, I got Google but could not load my email messages. Frustrated, I abandoned the project. Later in the day I learned the nearest Verizon tower is in Austin (one-hundred-sixty miles away). I’m in AT&T country.

Horse Back Trail Riding was on the schedule for 8:00-10:00 AM. Obviously, due to rain, that was canceled. I skipped Morning Bible Study because I want to prepare a message while details are fresh in my mind.


Plastic sandals for mud and water

Morning Bible studyJust as I was typing the previous paragraph a neighbor lady arrived to tell me the group (at the Bible Study) missed me and hoped I’d join them. I waded through the standing water and joined the fellowship. Later, coffee, conversation, and homemade banana tea bread. Because no noon meals… it was decided that four of us would run into Coleman “for a bite to eat.” Miss Lucy shared that she and Owl Pharmacy are the same age. She wanted me to see the picture of her on a parade float (hanging on the back wall). She is well-known so lots of people stopping by to talk to her; three of us wondered if she would be able to eat her lunch because so much conversation. One guest was glad to take our picture.

Outdoor cook area #1

Outdoor cook area #2

Owl Drug Store

Miss Lucy and Nell

Picture of Miss Lucy in parade


Eating lunch

Mrs. George ("Miss Lucy") Havens

Reuben sandwich


Amusing detail; you can laugh: I went into Coleman to buy toothpaste. Originally, I planned to stop at Kroger’s in Brownwood to buy some groceries and toothpaste. I was weary from the long drive—and miles from my destination so did not stop. The past two days I have rationed the amount of toothpaste on my brush. Guess what: Miss Lucy bought toothpaste and Nell bought denture cream. We all had the same “need” but only learned of one another’s purchases after-the-fact. (Are we vain to want sweet-smelling breath when we talk to one another?)


Lizzy and LorraineImpulse purchase: See the adorable lioness?! At first I thought I’d be content with a picture (because she was so expensive). But her entire body is a continuous display of Smiley Faces. I’ve collected Smiley Faces for decades!! The tag identifies her as “Lizzy”–and “Lizzy” has a new home. Because there was a full-length mirror near the cashier I took the self-portrait (LOL!!!!).


Time and temperature

Standing water

Water and ruts

Supper preparations

Supper time

Evening meal

Simple but tasty

It’s 3 o’clock and we just returned to camp. It is 92 degrees inside the trailer—a very hot, humid, 92 degrees!! (Hard to reconcile in my mind that a few hours earlier I was wearing a sweater.) There is still a lake between our trailers and the screened dining area and open-air food preparation area. I’m told we can expect three days of rain. Local people are glad because (they say) a drought in this area. Curious that we (in East Texas) had so much rain the last eight months and Central Texas experienced a drought.


Evening worship service

Pearls and polka-dots


Cowboy preacher

Still have mud

Time and temperature


Back again; 8:25 PM; 98 degrees inside my little trailer (with two fans going). I’m weary of sitting but rejoicing in a wonderful evening of singing and preaching. ~~ In the course of the afternoon—or evening—I learned we had more than three inches of rain. With “a drought” I would think the soil would soak up the water like a sponge. Not so; look at the standing water between our trailers and the screened dining area and chuck wagon.

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