Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – En route to… (Saturday, June 21, 2014)

A 5:30 departure had been my target. Actually, it was 7:30 before I left CARE—and after 8:00 before I drove out of Livingston. I’ve documented the long drive with pictures. Mid-morning I stopped to nap for a few minutes. When I pulled into the picnic area, my vehicles were in the shade; soon I was in the sun and time to push on down the road. My Garmin had me on narrow secondary roads (and that is OK with me) but travel was slow. I thought I’d never get to my destination: Little George Havens Cowboy Camp Meeting, on state highway 84 between Santa Anna and Coleman, Texas.

Time and temperature

Inside the little trailer

Moisture on top of T@B

Hair dryer to remove moisture

Duck tape to the rescue

Time to put the ladder away

Unhook the electric line

Plug in wiring from T@B

Check the lights

Duct tape for security

Curl the electric cords

"Blue ice" and frozen water bottles

Toothpaste goof

Time and temperature

Ready to depart

Leaving Rainbow's End

No consideration

Gas for the trip

Money for the trip

Lake Livingston


Roadside rest

Dwarf T@B

Another GPS image

Nap time

Narrow secondary highways

Lunch time

Lunch is over


More gas

Dairy Queen Blizzard

Arrival at campgrounds

My camp site


Time and temperature

Little fan











Mrs. George ("Miss Lucy") HavensOne of the first persons I met: “Miss Lucy,” widow of George Havens. I was looking for an office to “check in” and get a campsite. She insisted on “getting a man” to help me park. “No, no, I can do it just fine.” But I obliged… and was shown a site and assisted backing in—only to discover that a horse (or two) had been there and left their calling cards. So we moved to another site.

I was just in time for supper: Pulled pork BBQ, potato salad, cole slaw, and a variety of home-made cobblers. (I chose blueberry cobbler.) Also available: sweet tea, unsweetened tea and lemonade.

Very old teardrop trailer

Used for storage

Wood spokes

Chuck wagon

Screened dining area

Waiting in line

Look at all that food

Waiting in line (close up)

Dining area, broad view

The serving line

Miss Lucy


Evening worship service

Time and temperatureSaturday evening: Great music, great preaching!! That night: I slept comfortably but when awake (briefly) I marveled at how extremely quiet it was. That old saying “The silence was deafening!!”

Now a little more about my delayed start: I needed to tape down the weather-stripping. I’ve known for months that I needed to use “Shoe Goo” to hold the strip in a groove. But I procrastinated!! When I first attempted a temporary repair, the roof was too wet and the tape would not stick. So I had to haul out a long extension cord, and my hair dryer, to dry the surface.

Because the KIA and T@B had not been connected for many months, the electrical plug needed repeated push-in and pull-out to make good contact. Every little task seemed to take so-o-o much time!! One turn-signal-light has burned out and I should have stopped at an auto supply for a new bulb. (Could-a, should-a, would-a…!! Not only was I behind my target departure time, I was actually one day late for the actual start of the Camp Meeting.) ~~ FYI: Livingston, Texas, to Santa Anna, Texas, map.

My trailer (long view)

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