Oh, no !! Not my Calibrachoa !!

Time & temperatureThis is the scene when I looked out my window at seven o’clock. It rained **all** night!! The gauge couldn’t contain all… so I speculate more than two inches of rain. The ground was very soft (near the rain gauge) and my foot was ankle-deep in mud. The weather needs to clear before I can upright the planter and attempt to rescue my beautiful Calibrachoa plants. A mole has endlessly tunneled around my yard. I speculate the soft ground plus the weight of the planter caused it to topple over. (Click each picture to enlarge for better view.)


Extreme left

Left center


Overturned planter

Up to my ankle

Rain gauge is full

Upside down Calibrachoa

Rain water with Marigolds

Fountain overflowing

Calibrachoa is doing extremely well.

Upside down Calibrachoa


CalibrachoaPostscript, Thursday, May 15, 2014, 7:30 PM: The Calibrachoa looks remarkably good after the traumatic experience.

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