Happy Mother’s Day — a week early !!

Vacuum cleaner with womanWelcomeIf you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I spend a lot of my time and energy in my yard. Today, I tackled cleaning the “big” trailer. Last night I had an unexpected guest and she said “May I come in?” I was so embarrassed by the clutter!! Hence: Clean!!!! The “down side” is the fact that a lot of things are piled on the table in the yard and I’ll need to find a place for them. I’m delighted with my gift to myself; my living quarters look very attractive. Guests welcome!! ~~ I needed to succumb to using the air-conditioner. It is ninety-one degrees outside (3:00 PM) and, frankly, even warmer inside without the A/C.

My day isn’t over: Next I’ll go to the CARE Center and water the indoor plants. I like to do it where there are a minimum of people around. ~~ Arm twistedFYI: Yesterday–all day–I was a volunteer at the local Habitat for Humanity. They twisted my arm (LOL) because now I’m scheduled for every Saturday. Yesterday, I moved dozens (hundreds?) of VHS tapes from one place to another and neatly arranged them. We have them priced at ten cents each. I brought home eight… and have watched two. I’ve promised myself I will watch a DVD or VHS and then donate it to CARE or Habitat. Likewise, read a book and then donate it. Eventually, one-by-one, I’ll downsize!!BooksDVD & VHS

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