Happy May Day !!

Time and temperatureYoyo with faceYoyo weather!! Winter clothes and bedding were (are) stored under the bed. Last night I slept cold in bed!! Last week I was too warm sleeping under a sheet!! Earlier this week I “tested” the air-conditioner (and it seems to work fine). I had to turn on the furnace this morning!! Happy May Day(Notice all the exclamation marks? It’s that serious!!) It is 68 degrees inside, and 65 degrees outside, as I type this at 9:00 AM.


Baby Chickadees

Baby Chickadees

Papa Blue feeding baby

Closeup of Papa Bluebird feeding baby


May Day with BluebirdThis adoring Grandmother has pictures of her backyard “grandchildren” (lots of pictures, LOL). The Carolina Chickadees look less like Bluebirds (notice the black cap). Papa Bluebird is feeding a recently fledged baby. So far I’ve only seen the parents with two babies. Perhaps the other three were nearby; maybe only two survived??


Twelve-thirty PM and I am still cold!! I dug out a sweater and have been enjoying it every minute this morning. Read the next two blogs and see what Marge, and Meg, has been experiencing. I can’t complain, can I?? Repeat: I can’t complain, can I??


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