After the storm !!

Saturday afternoon, 3:00 PM and I need a break after hours in the yard doing cleanup–after a terrible thunderstorm last evening. Because the blog is titled “After the storm” I’ll show today’s pictures first.

5_3/5 inches of rain

Fallen bird feeders

Upturned garden flag

Washed off and left to dry out


I ran out of a special event in the CARE Center (about 7:15 PM) because I wanted to cover my bed against another saturation–and watch various areas in the trailer in hopes I’d find the source area of the leak. We had torrential rain–and lightening extremely nearby. ~~ The pictures are not “enhanced” in any way. The lighting changed that quickly (six minutes). Yes, I was out in pouring rain, and standing ankle-deep in water. FYI: These were taken with my Canon SX500 IS camera and I recently discovered how to imprint the date and time on each picture.

Flooded yard #1

Flooded yard #2

Flooded yard #3

Flooded yard #4

Ankle deep in water

Backyard #1

Backyard #2

Rain water in fountain

Before the cleanup

Little Lake


I know you must get tired of hearing me say “I’m so tired” but it’s a fact that I get very tired working on many of my projects. Today I picked up fallen tree limbs, and replaced the fallen pole (between trees) supporting four bird feeders. Everything was covered with debris so lots of time hosing items (like Spring garden flag), tan plastic storage boxes, orange fabric yard chair and two aluminum/wood yard chairs. Bird feeders had soggy wet feed so it was dumped out, feeders washed and left to dry. Refills soon!! My rain gauge only registered one and three-fifths inches but seems like more. Look: Two and three-quarters inches deep in the fountain (rain water only because I haven’t established a location [yet] for the fountain nor hooked up electricity.)

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