Thirsty Thursday ??

First thing in the morning, while I am drinking my tea, I read some (but not all) of the many e-mail messages received about health and nutrition. I just read this about the benefits of tea and especially appreciated the information with slide #8: “Studies show that drinking green tea may potentially prevent the onset or slow the progression of dementia.” ~~~~ There are numerous people in my new CARE family that have dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is insidious; it is heartbreaking!! One dear lady has been a CARE resident for about five months. In that brief time she has slipped from free-flowing interesting conversation to stilted repetition, and not recognizing individuals. Another precious lady–a long-time resident–is now in a long-term care facility because she no longer knows her husband. (Did you see the movie The Notebook? A touching portrayal of dementia.)

Another BIG day ahead for the CARE Health Fair. Gotta go!! More later.


Here I am again, Friday, March 28, 2014, 9:00 AM. REALLY busy day yesterday. I kept my appointment for Stroke Scan Plus—a vendor/mini-clinic set up in the Escapee’s RV Park Clubhouse. The brochure read: “Stroke Scan Plus will be bringing its painless, mobile, stroke and vascular disease prevention team here to scan for the early detection and prevention of STROKE due to blocked arteries in the neck, sudden death due to ruptured abdominal aorta aneurysm, AAA, and leg amputation due to blocked leg arteries PAD. A 2-lead EKG for atrial fibrillation AFIB will also be provided.” I added (at extra expense) the LIPIDs test (re: cholesterol). The results said I was “normal” in all areas.

TV has to goYamaha Inverter Generator (never used)We learned a lot from two doctors that spoke (separately) to the audience in the afternoon. At 4 o’clock I joined the crew at the Activity Center for final preparations for the big evening dinner. Then served…. ~~ There were two speakers plus the drawings for the door prizes. The Silent Auction did very well and I’m delighted my Yamaha Generator Inverter (donation) brought over $600. ~~ My Vizio TV was appreciated as a door prize.

WeatherLess activities today as the CARE Health Fair is winding down. On Monday I attend a meeting as we make plans and preparations for the CARE Garage Sale in mid-April. (Clip art for whirlwind “winding down” [LOL] but we’ve had cold weather–and rain–all week. It’s another dark, gloomy, rainy day as I publish this postscript at 9:55.)

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