Healthy Monday ?!

Second to my backyard garden, I’m passionate about health and nutrition. I just read this interesting article.

Assorted-Vegetables-ApplesI enjoyed a very large green salad yesterday (and will create another today): Organic Spring greens, broccoli, celery, cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes, etc. Have you had your veggies??

Today the CARE Health Fair kicks off “in high gear.” It will be a long–and educational–week. Many health-care professionals will be here; many vendors. I do not subscribe to allopathic medicine (preferring holistic health) but I approve of an exhaustive effort to bring valuable information to the CARE residents and RVers in the Escapee Park.

 À votre santé.

One comment on “Healthy Monday ?!

  1. Nancy Grenfell says:

    hey Lorraine I too have moved from coventry on the hill..It’s 3 yrs. now.. Im renting a sr. apt. in town of Greene..(my “care” establishment)… good to follow the birds too.. nancy grenfell

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