It’s a conspiracy ?!?!

Kitchen area

On March 16th, I wrote “I take two steps forward and slide three steps back.” Yesterday saw a marvelous transformation of my living room-kitchen area.  With all the marvelous floor space (echo: “marvelous floor space”) I vacuumed thoroughly and used the crevice tool, too. (Yes, I used my Halo vacuum cleaner that wasn’t an appropriate donation for the Silent Auction.) More on-my-knees as I cleaned the carpet with Resolve High Traffic Area Carpet Foam. I took the three “scatter rugs” to the laundry room and invested a couple of dollars to get them clean. They were not quite dry when I brought them home so I draped them over planters in the yard. BUT (here’s the conspiracy theory) it rained again last night. Not a lot; just enough to get the rugs wet!!

Dining areaLiving areaIt is another dark gloomy day as I write this (9 o’clock). Because of “re-arrangements,” my back is turned so I can’t see the street and people coming and going. Notice in the second picture that I have my decades-old office chair at the side of the table. Previously I was using a big dining table chair at the end.  There is “decades-old” plastic between the carpet and the chair wheels. That was lugged-in from the yard and scrubbed. A similar plastic is under the glider-recliner chair (brought in from the yard and scrubbed) but it was larger and required work. With my heavy-duty long-handle tree-limb clippers, I removed about fifteen inches along one side (now turned to the back, of course). Why have plastic? So the black wrought-iron base doesn’t blemish the carpet. (I can’t argue with success; I’ve done it that way for years!!) Notice the rust-color towel on the glider-recliner? That towel is over thirty years old, never used, elegant luxurious Egyptian cotton. Why do I cover the chair? Because over-the-years (especially when it was in storage for fifteen months) the simulated-leather became sticky!! So-o-o-o, I lubricate the material with WD-40 and I cover the chair. (It’s a very comfortable chair!!)

Furthermore (yesterday): I had to make changes in the position of the shelves on the black wire rack (see it behind the office chair). Now I have a place for the plastic magazine files. Those contain Birds and Bloom magazines, Escapee magazines, and gardening books.

Bluebird on mealworm feederThat’s my news for this morning, all the news worth publishing. ~~ I’m using the Canon camera (so no time and date stamp) because I’m out of AA batteries. It’s a conspiracy?!

On the bright side (on a gloomy day), a picture (taken yesterday) of a Bluebird at the mealworm feeder.

One comment on “It’s a conspiracy ?!?!

  1. Wayne and Deborah says:

    hey we see you are in a new home. Congratulations, We are still enjoying Naples Florida Blessings

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