Remarkable !!

Remembering a phrase sometimes used when putting the children to bed: “Pleasant dreams.” ~~ I had a dream last night–a wonderful dream–a pleasant dream!! It was so “real” and I remember it vividly now that I’m awake (and excited to share, at 7:20 AM). I won a million dollar lottery (but I never buy lottery tickets) and I lavished it all on the residents of CARE. It was like Christmas–only better!! I’m intrigued: What’s going on in my subconscious mind to trigger such a dream?? 

Postscript, 9:30 AM: I started searching the Internet to see if there is an answer. So far (many searches), my only acceptable (but questionable) solution is Dreams & Visions. ~~ ~~ Elsewhere, later, in answer to “I won a million dollar lottery and gave it all away.”

the following terms are in your dream…

gave, give, gives

Whatever you are given in a dream represents a skill, talent or “gift” you have in waking life. It can also symbolize a blessing you have recently received. It is something you should value and utilize in your life right now.

jackpot, lottery

If you frequently play the lottery in real life, then this dream is merely a wish fulfillment dream.

If you don’t normally play the lottery or gamble and you dream of winning money then you are probably telling yourself – through this dream – that it is time to take a chance on something (a relationship, an idea, etc.) because it may very well pay off!

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