Touching base

Remember the earlier blog with a picture of “twiddling (my) thumbs”?? That didn’t last very long!! I need another pair of hands so I can accomplish all that needs to be done!! Oh well, one day at a time!!

As I moved things out of the T@B trailer, I discovered a massive amount of mold on the inside back wall. That needs attention!! The T@B looks like a tornado hit it–things are in disarray. ~~ Much to be done in the new (used) Carriage. However, first, I spread out the collection of statements, etc., (on the floor) and organized. Some… were discarded, others filed in a new appropriate location. I’ll start my Income Tax preparation soon (because I need the refund).

Yesterday (Friday), after weeks of frustration, I finally managed to get to the on-line banking for my reasonably new local bank. I’ve told numerous people “Texas has not been hospitable to this old lady.” First, the struggle to get the T@B and KIA registered and licensed. Simultaneous, Amica was not willing to insure the T@B (in Texas) if I was “living” in it (nor would they insure the Carriage “if I was living in it”). So I had to start with new insurance companies (at a substantial increase of fee). Remember my battle with TracFone to get cell phone service?

Money, money, money!! This move to Texas has been more expensive than I ever (in my wildest dreams) imagined!! Vehicle registration(s) and license(s) exceeded $1300. ($965.50 for the Carriage left me physically sick!!) 

I don’t want to burden you with my “tale of woe”; I just want to explain why a week has passed without a new blog message. I know that expenses will stabilize and (hopefully) I’ll have money for planter soil. My things, from North Carolina, will arrive in a few weeks and I’ll be able to start my container gardens. I already have birds–and squirrels–at the feeders purchased since I arrived.

Oh, happy day !!

My new work space.Greetings–at 7:45 PM–from my new home. I’ve uploaded pictures from the camera to Picasa; copied from Picasa to this blog message. Time consuming–but I am anxious for everyone to see my new home. We’ve had bad weather all week but prayed for one hour–between rain showers–to get the Carriage Cameo 5th-wheel “set up” on my site. ~~ Right now, I am bubbling with “an attitude of gratitude”!!! ~~ Sincere THANKS to my CARE family for making dreams come true.


Moving the T@B.

Ready for the new trailer.

KIA unhitched, next to T@B.

Temperature outside.

Temperature inside T@B.

Site is ready for the new trailer.


Site is ready for the new trailer.

Almost here.

Anita brought the keys

Changing drivers.

Coming through the field.

Starting to get into position.

Oops!! Tree limbs.

First try.

Second or third try.

Try, try again.

Almost there.

Looking good.


Look excited.

Must be straight.

Just a few more feet.

OK, stop right there.

In place, at last.

Ready for the jacks.

Getting set up.

A basement full of accessories.

Water line.


Big welcome to my new home.

Welcome to my new home.

Sewer hose.

Misting rain; almost done.


All done.

All set up ready to move in.


Rain, rain, go away…

clock-watchingcome again another day!! I was awake most of the night, listening to rain tapping against the trailer. It’s 9 o’clock; I haven’t been outdoors. The thermometer says 57 degrees so “cold” isn’t our problem. Frankly, I don’t want to be out in the rain and I don’t expect three men to work in the rain!! So the move “in” of the new trailer is on “hold.”


Nine-twenty-five: A ray of sunshine just cast its glow, through the window, across my computer. Sure is nice to be able to work on my laptop computer–in my pajamas–in my trailer. Otherwise, I’d be dressed, combed, brushed… and down the driveway to the CARE Center dining room.

Ten-forty-five: No sunshine; occasional rain. (Still in my pajamas!)

An eventful day (and miscellaneous details) !!

A few years ago, I experienced snow in Shelby, North Carolina. I did not awaken to snow this morning but it was cold and frosty. We haven’t seen the sun all day, and we’ve had misting rain. ~~ Imagine this: Within a couple of days we should have temperatures in the 70’s. ~~ Less than one year ago, we had snow in Waxhaw, North Carolina. ~~ Check the blog message about Unwelcome Visitor.

vzw_jetpack_eufi_890_mobile_hotspotTony at Verizon storeGood news!! I now have a “hot spot” in my tiny trailer (on a cold day, LOL) and I’m composing this message from the comfort of my cozy home. No more trips to the CARE dining room to use free WiFi. Yippee!!  ~~ Recently I purchased a Verizon 4-G thing-a-ma-jig”  from another RVer (trusting I’d be able to get it activated). On the recommendation of other RVers, I drove to Cleveland, Texas, this morning and a nice young man–at a Verizon store–worked his magic. Fortunately, I was able to get a monthly payment plan and wasn’t forced to sign a two-year contract. A Christmas gift to myself!!

Prearranged, first thing this morning (8:00 o’clock), I was in the office of my agent for new vehicle insurance. You’ve heard my story about TracFone Nightmare; you’ve followed my search for a larger trailer as my “until I die” home. You’ve sympathized with my weird work schedule and followed my struggle to get the KIA & T@B licensed in Texas. I did not burden you with the equally frustrating battle over insurance. Texas does not… correction, Amica does not want to insure my tiny travel trailer if I am “living” in it. So, step-by-step, I’ve accomplished the necessary tasks and today we created new policies. Bye-bye Amica. ~~ True story: I’ve never enjoyed face-to-face service with Amica; always over the phone. It is delightful to have a nice lady to coach me through the troublesome details!!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, my new (used) trailer should be delivered.


Arrows & confused personArrowsComment: I never dreamed I’d encounter all these problems moving to Livingston, Polk County, Texas!!

Arctic freeze !!

Bug in a rug


Thirty-four degreesOMG!! Feels like winter!! Most of the RVs here at CARE had frozen water lines early this morning. Mine was the exception (ha) because I’m not hooked up to water. Furthermore, I have been “snug as a bug in a rug” with my tiny electric heater. Folks have been running out of propane for their furnaces!! ~~ I’ve recovered from the discomfort of “a cold.”


Sunny, but Very Cold Today

Monday, January 06, 2014 – 11:57am


TODAY:  Sunny and cold.  High 30.  Wind chills in the teens and 20s.  Winds N 5-15 mph.

TONIGHT:  Clear and cold again.  Low 15.

TOMORROW:  Mostly sunny.  High 44.  Winds S 5-10 mph.

WEDNESDAY:  Increasing clouds with a chance for light rain or drizzle (30%).  Low 32.  High 48.  Winds SSE 5-10 mph.

THURSDAY:  Mostly cloudy with a chance for light rain (30%).  Low 45.  High 60.  Winds SE 5-10 mph.

FRIDAY:  Mostly cloudy with a chance for scattered showers and storms (40%).  Low 49.  High 64.  Winds S 5-15 mph.

SATURDAY:  Partly cloudy.  Low 45.  High 58.  Winds N 10-15 mph.

SUNDAY:  Mostly sunny.  Low 36.  High 56.  Winds N becoming S 5-10 mph.

Three months & counting…

October, November and December: Three months living in my tiny T@B teardrop trailer. I’m counting the days until I have my new (used) trailer home. It is ready for delivery but I think we’ll wait until Wednesday when our weather will be more pleasant.

Cold suffererToday has been quite cold (but mild compared to points North) with penetrating wind. For three days, I have been confined to my trailer, fighting a miserable cold (or ??). I ventured out earlier but quickly retreated to the trailer. I simply “had enough” of limited space and bundled up for the short walk to the CARE dining room (about 4:00 PM).