Arctic freeze !!

Bug in a rug


Thirty-four degreesOMG!! Feels like winter!! Most of the RVs here at CARE had frozen water lines early this morning. Mine was the exception (ha) because I’m not hooked up to water. Furthermore, I have been “snug as a bug in a rug” with my tiny electric heater. Folks have been running out of propane for their furnaces!! ~~ I’ve recovered from the discomfort of “a cold.”


Sunny, but Very Cold Today

Monday, January 06, 2014 – 11:57am


TODAY:  Sunny and cold.  High 30.  Wind chills in the teens and 20s.  Winds N 5-15 mph.

TONIGHT:  Clear and cold again.  Low 15.

TOMORROW:  Mostly sunny.  High 44.  Winds S 5-10 mph.

WEDNESDAY:  Increasing clouds with a chance for light rain or drizzle (30%).  Low 32.  High 48.  Winds SSE 5-10 mph.

THURSDAY:  Mostly cloudy with a chance for light rain (30%).  Low 45.  High 60.  Winds SE 5-10 mph.

FRIDAY:  Mostly cloudy with a chance for scattered showers and storms (40%).  Low 49.  High 64.  Winds S 5-15 mph.

SATURDAY:  Partly cloudy.  Low 45.  High 58.  Winds N 10-15 mph.

SUNDAY:  Mostly sunny.  Low 36.  High 56.  Winds N becoming S 5-10 mph.

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