It’s only money !!

Dollar sign in shopping cartWhen I was complaining about all the expenses I’ve experienced since moving to Texas, a friend said “It’s only money.” As Sherlock Holmes might say “Elementary my dear Watson.” ~~ I’ve mellowed and feel less stress. Today, I didn’t give dollars a second thought (which amazes me). Fifty dollars for bird seed (because the birds are emptying the feeders in less than two days–and I don’t want to run out of seed). Forty-nine dollars for a storage unit in a mini-storage facility ($49. per month). Also a trip to the bank for lots of small bills (cash) to pay the young men scheduled to help unload the moving van when it arrives on Tuesday. Last but not least, Dollar Tree for bleach and a few other household items. (Bleach to clean the mold that developed in the T@B.) ~~ The monetary impact may hit me tomorrow when I get my CARE bill: “care,” electricity, and propane. Oh well, “it’s only money.” (I’m supporting the economy!!)

Changing the subject: My water line froze last night–but thawed within a couple of hours this morning. The TV weatherman said last night would probably be our last freeze for the season. Now I’m hoping the weatherman was  inaccurate about rain on Tuesday. “No, no, please don’t rain!!”

2 comments on “It’s only money !!

  1. Deb says:

    The campground we were at least weekend actually had a sign in the bathroom asking people to leave their water running a bit. The other thing you can do is out some water in your tank to use and then disconnect and empty the hose, so it won’t freeze. And of course, down the road…they have heated hoses… 😉

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