From volunteer to resident !!

My RV site.

Moved to my new site

Last few things from site #10 to site #9

Ready to hook up electricLong story (I’m not sure you want all the details). I had just returned from a trip to public scales to have the T@B weighed. Texas wants weight certification or picture of the “tag inside the door.” Because my T@B came from Germany, there is no “tag inside the door.” ~~ On my first visit to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, I encountered numerous problems attempting to register the T@B. The clerk rejected the inspection paperwork, demanded weight, wants to see the title, etc., etc. Why? Because the T@B, from Germany, was titled–in Indiana–as a “home” (home made) trailer. The VIN (vehicle identification) number was issued in Indiana and inscribed on the tongue. ~~ Yesterday, I was able to register the KIA. Then I drove to the inspection station and asked if they could write new paperwork so the trailer inspection information corresponds to details on the title. “Yes.”

With the appropriate paperwork, the next challenge was weight. I unloaded several items (including two plastic containers full of clothes), hitched the KIA and T@B and drove to a place with “public scales.” The owner said they have never received a complaint about their non-certified documentation. (Lord knows how far I would need to drive to find a truck station with scales.) The original advertisement for the 2004 T@B says unladen weight is 1250 pounds. My laden weight was 1720. **If** I had off-loaded the composting toilet, and drained the five gallon water tank, I might have lightened the load by 100 pounds.  I doubt the license fee would be much lower if the weight was lower.

Back at CARE, I moved to the new site.  I shifted things from the former site to the new site. I borrowed a broom and swept the patio and sidewalk.  Here I am, twenty-four hours later, the vehicles are still hitched. If all goes well, I should be able to get the trailer licensed on Monday. It’s Friday; I’m actually “on call” and therefore on duty (with a few minutes to compose this message). When I have time (and energy) I’ll unhitch the vehicles.

Smiley face winkingThere is a delay with delivery of my new (used) 5th-wheel trailer. I’m going to be extremely patient because it is well worth waiting for!! Minutes (or hours) prior to its delivery, I’ll move the T@B to the grassy area adjacent to my site.

Lorraine's picture on the resident boardMy personal possessions will be delivered–from North Carolina–about the middle of January.

I officially become a “resident” of  CARE on January first (but my picture is already on the board).
Twiddling thumbs

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