‘Twas a memorable day !!

Dining room

Table ready for potluck items.

John is busy.


Al is busy.

June is busy.

Don is busy.


Sue is busy.

Carrot cakes

Chalk board


Sam, Stephanie and

Houston parade

Houston parade


Russ & Sue

Yum, yum

Guests are arriving


Russ & Shirley

Potluck variety

Last minute instructions



A feast

Russ in the kitchen

Larry taking out the trash


Macy's parade

Macy's parade

Macy's parade band

Lorraine collects Smiley faces

Pillsbury Dough Boy


Santa arrives








After Santa, we went back into the dining room for more food. I’m sick; I ate too much!!


Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends!!

8:30 PM; long day; heading for bed.

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