Feels like winter !!

Burr cold ladyWeather stationCheck those temperatures!! I don’t think we’ll get out of the 40’s today. ~~ Burr!! ~~ I had just pulled one end of the garden hose into the trailer and filled the five gallon water tank.

I almost took a picture, last night, of two planters sitting just inside the door of my trailer. I have so little space… and the limited area was full with two planters. I didn’t want them to freeze!!


TemperaturesPostscript, Tues., Nov. 26: Look at the temperatures: 39 degrees outside, 56 degrees inside.  I had just returned from shopping in Livingston.  I went out in extremely miserable weather to buy veggies for a tray for Thanksgiving dinner potluck.
Blue Smiley face with snowflake
I’m told there was snow in some areas not too far from where I’m living. 

One comment on “Feels like winter !!

  1. Gail says:

    Hi Lorraine – Greetings from a very cold and wet Waxhaw. We’ve had record breaking cold temps for the past few days. It feels more like January than November. I’m suppose to leave a noon for Brevard North Carolina. Tomorrow a friend and I will head out to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee or at least that’s the plan. Wintery road conditions might not allow for travel along the I-40 corridor tomorrow. We won’t be foolish, however, and will hunker down at her house if necessary. We have three new neighbors moving in at Waxhaw Creek. Two ladies are moving into the Baldwin’s apartment and another lady, Carol Rutter, is moving into Marietta’s apartment. Your unit is still empty. The new retaining wall behind the apartments on the upper side is almost complete. That has been a major undertaking. Well, I’ll close off but wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much for which to be thankful!! Blessings – Gail Boemker

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