Uncle”  almost!!  I’m ashamed to confess that I would have hitched the car and trailer, and departed, a couple of days ago. However, we had severe rain (unusual for this area, I’m told) and I didn’t want to crank up the four stabilizer-jacks, and hitch vehicles, in a downpour!! ( Someone said we had six inches of rain.) ~~  I acknowledge that I am ultra sensitive and am easily hurt. Furthermore I see myself as a “lover not a fighter.” Another figure of speech: “Fight or flight.”  (I was taking “flight” because my team-mate [volunteer] was out to crucify me.) ~~ Staff members rushed to assure me that I’m a new valuable member of the CARE family.  ~~ Considering the love and affection I’ve received, I have decided to make this my permanent home. Below are pictures of the site I will eventually occupy. I’m looking for an old large trailer that will be my permanent home.  ~~  I hadn’t  planned to become a CARE resident this early in my stay (I planned to volunteer month-after-month). This site will be available “after Thanksgiving” and I didn’t want it to get away from me. I’ll have lots of space for a container garden and shepherd’s hooks for bird feeders or hanging baskets. I can park my tiny trailer in the grassy area nearby. ~~ Can you visualize my eventual garden??

I’ll still volunteer!!

CARE site #9

Outside CARE site #9

Outside CARE site #9

Across from CARE site #9


Postscript: Most of the CARE residents have an RV site like this (below)–and love the fact that they don’t have any maintenance. See why I jumped at “my” (eventual) site?? I want the extra yard!!!!!!!!

CARE "resident" site

CARE "resident" site

2 comments on ““Uncle”

  1. Deb says:

    I think the trees will provide welcome shade. I think it’s great your garden has found a home!

  2. barb c says:

    I am glad U thot thru yur fight or flight. I remember how often you said was I too quick to make the decision to leave J. It looks like you are really settling in now. Your spot looks great. I am typing from bed this AM. I got dizzy and cannot walk straight. Nothing else sems to be wrong just dizzy when I get up. Oh well this may pass. Glad you have enjoyed the books. Well typing is hard from flat position. Hugs and prayers.

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