Repetition with black & white arrows

A little birdie told me”  they are getting weary of my same-subject blog messages. I looked up synonyms for “repetitious” and found it a delightful way to spend half-an-hour. Check the definition of some of these words?  Use One Look  Dictionary.
aeonian, alliterative, boring, dull, echoic, iterant, iterative, long-winded, plangent, pleonastic, prolix, recapitulatory, redundant, reiterative, repeating, repetitive, resonant, tautological, verbose, windy
I love the Internet!!  I find so much information about topics I’m interested in: Bluebirds, Hummingbirds, Turk’s Cap, Fuchsia, Jerusalem Artichoke, etc.  (And I find lots of clip art!!) One site takes me to another site, and it’s a fascinating journey.  Only a couple of days ago, I was researching a way to document the nest-cycle of the baby Bluebirds.  This is stimulating the grey matter in the old lady’s brain.  I don’t want my brain to get lethargic!!  I’m using Turmeric… as I mentioned in an earlier blog.
Here’s an off-the-wall change the subject.  (Note: new topic!!)  At work I was asked to type some information from hard-copy pages to the computer.  I appreciated an opportunity to do something during an otherwise non-productive afternoon.  I was delighted to realize that my typing skills are still excellent.  I’m a “touch typist” and my fingers fly over the keyboard when typing into a computer (and I’m accurate).  To brag a little bit: I was timed at over 1000 keystrokes per minute in years past when typing skills played a role qualifying for a job.  I’m so out-of-touch (play on words) and wonder “Do ‘they’ teach typing anymore?”  I don’t “twitter” or “tweet” or text but know that spelling has been reduced to abbreviated letters.  What a sad commentary: The younger generation won’t even be able to spell words.  I’m not laughing out loud.

One comment on “Aeonian

  1. Deb says:

    That’s ok, they can’t do math, either. AND I recently read that many schools are dropping cursive. I thought for sure I’d read the headline wrong, but they sure are. I don’t think they teach typing per se, or at least not nearly as much, but they give the kids computers with keyboards at very early ages. I will say I have no idea how accurate they are, or their spelling, but the teens I know have fingers that can fly over a keyboard. I’d love to hear a typing teacher’s take on the state of the way things are done now.

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