Don’t worry, be happy !!

One Sweet Potato Vine

Two Sweet Potato Vines

Over 100 degrees

Two "hanging" & two in the box.

This afternoon I was “baking” while transplanting Sweet Potato Vines.  I could not keep enough water on the plants–in hanging baskets–so I’ve planned this project for a couple of weeks.  First, I needed new planters (and I’ve shopped at several stores).  On Monday, I found a reasonably priced item for a large planter.  That large white plastic box is a Little Tyke toy chest–and Goodwill was asking ninety-nine cents.  How could I refuse??  PLANTERS ARE SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!

It was 90 degrees (by my thermometer) while I prepared the first transplant (2:30 PM).  Due to extreme heat, I retreated to the apartment until five o’clock when I completed the second transplant.  Look at the temperature on my thermometer.  I didn’t stay out very long after placing the plant, soaking with water, and taking a quick picture.

Fourth picture shows “two in the box” and two Sweet Potato Vines in their original hanging baskets.  Soon they, too, will be transplanted.

Lorraine at new Chik-fil-A

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”: Remember that catchy tune, and words??  For some strange reason, I find myself singing that song while I work in “my other garden.”  I’m receiving lots of compliments about the attractive area–and all at a minimum of expense.  Mostly just lots of exercise, water, fertilizer and words of affection expressed to the curious collection of plants I inherited.

After my trip to the chiropractor this morning, I visited the grand opening of a Chick-fil-A. That isn’t a cardboard poster; it’s a warm-blooded mild-mannered bovine.

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  1. Mil says:

    Love your picture!

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