Search and rescue !!

Frequently I quote an old saying: “Too soon old, too late smart.”  Over two weeks ago I bought ten plants in hanging baskets.  Beautiful plants!! However (with hindsight) they were (are) root-bound and require LOTS of water. Yesterday (after visiting the chiropractor) I visited Garden Ridge. The variety of planters is endless!!  I was searching for “just the right” planter for a Fuchsia plant. After work, I transplanted it into the white five-gallon pail–with lots of room for root growth.  The white pail will be inserted in the large brown planter.  Repeat: “Too soon old, too late smart.”  The Fuchsia plant cost $7.; the planter cost $50.; white pail $5.; organic soil over $10.  ** Not a wise plant purchase!!**  ~~  I’ve searched the web for information about Fuchsia and discovered my $7. purchase was destined for an early death if it continued to hang in “my other garden.”  For one thing, too much sun!!  I’m uncertain how well the plant will grow so put it in the white pail rather than directly into the large planter.  White pail fits inside the large planter.  Can you believe that big plant came out of the small hanging basket (in the foreground of first picture)??  Hopefully the Fuchsia will thrive on the back patio with morning sun and afternoon shade. When it blooms, the Hummingbirds will love it!!  ~~ At Garden Ridge, I couldn’t decide between planters so brought both home.  I like the way the square planter compliments the plant stand but face the question “What will I plant in it?”.

Fuchsia plant

New planter

Fuchsia in new planter

Another planter

Postscript, Wednesday, May 29, 2013: I returned the square planter to Garden Ridge.  I just could not justify the $40. planter!!  Believe it or not, at Goodwill (en route home), I bought a Little Tyke white, large, heavy-duty plastic toy box for 99 cents.  Yes, ninety-nine cents!!  It is larger than two planters!!  I won’t have it on that plant stand BUT envision it in “my other garden” with all four transplanted Sweet Potato Vines trailing down the sides.

One comment on “Search and rescue !!

  1. Deb says:

    The square planter is perfect for that table.

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