One-track mind ?!


Feeding frenzy(Sunday, 2:30 PM) I posted that same first picture on April 16th. By necessity, I went to my favorite bird supply store for more Finch food. I added two more “socks” so a total of four “Finch feeders.” The birds act like they are terribly hungry!! I can’t count the number of birds on the feeders–and on the patio eating the seed that falls from the feeders.  I refill the feeders every day!! I labeled them “Finch” in the earlier picture but someone said “no, not Finch.”  And they aren’t exclusively in my yard because I’m generous with feed; they are in neighboring yards on feeders with the usual wild bird seed.

You’ve heard me say “Enquiring [sic] minds want to know.”  The animals know about an earthquake before it happens (and similar events).  What are the birds sensing??  Why are they frantic for food??
Numerous birds
I’m a novice at bird watching (and backyard gardening). Perhaps the behavior is not unusual. I haven’t seen this many birds in my yard previously.

(“Yes, the grass needs mowing!!”  I do almost all my own maintenance and yard work. The job of mowing, and using the “weed eater,” is another’s responsibility.  My lawn is extremely unattractive!!)
Four feeders
Postscript, 4:00 PM: I just refilled… and emptied the $12.  five-pound bag of Nyjer seed and fine sunflower chips.  In less than two days, going, going, gone.

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