Procrastinator ?!

HallelujahI am!!  Are you??  I have filed my Income Taxes late for several years (I’d get an extension).  I promised myself I would not procrastinate this year.  Guess what?  I started the process–with Turbo Tax software–at 9:00 AM today.  Everything was e-filed at 1:40 PM.  Hallelujah!!  I really, really thought I had everything organized but found myself searching for information on bank statements, and going to Map Quest for mileage (to my holistic medical doctor in Wilkesboro, NC).  I have a headache; my neck and shoulders are throbbing with pain!!  ~~  My sage advice for you: “Don’t get old; don’t get sick!!”  (Don’t have kids, and grandkids, that break your heart!!) Honestly, I despise the fact that it takes me so much longer to accomplish routine tasks.  I resent the fact that I have been sick for so many months!!  (Sixty-three visits to the chiropractor last year.)  On a brighter note: If I had not been an advocate of holistic health (for over thirty years), would I have been much sicker–less healthy??

For several days, I intended to work on  Income Taxes on Saturday (yesterday) but found myself in the front and/or back yard all day.  It was a spectacularly beautiful Spring day and I discovered project after project to work on.  I accomplished one procrastinated task: A haircut (at 5:30 PM).  I really, really needed that haircut before my trip to Florida in late February!! With two items off my list, I can focus on getting ready for the annual Blue Ridge Rally of T@B trailers, in Townsend, Tennessee, April 23rd-28th.  As much as I love my T@B trailer, and as much as I love traveling, I am worried about feed for my Bluebirds.  “Mama Blue” is on the nest and soon will be feeding baby Bluebirds. They need the mealworms I’ve generously provided. The Hummingbirds are here and the nectar should be changed every several days.  I hate to impose on a neighbor to water my many, many plants, and feed the birds!!!

It’s 4:10 PM and I have been at my computer since 9:00 AM.  Ibuprofen hasn’t helped my headache.  A long skinny “health pack” filled with buckwheat, heated in the microwave, wrapped around my neck and shoulders, hasn’t alleviated the discomfort.  Time to move around and get some exercise.  No, I won’t start a project in the yard.

H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H-!! I’m getting a sizeable Federal refund and I don’t have to pay North Carolina taxes.  Last year  (woe is me) I had a BIG (really BIG penalty) for filing North Carolina late!!

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