Garden of “Eat-in” !!


Ideal location for the trellis.





Squirrel eating whole peanut.




Squirrel on pink feeder.

Squirrel struggling for a whole peanut.

Squirrels on feeder.





“Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning.” A morning after a refreshing rain (1 & 1/4 inches) that cleared the air of pollen.  (Everything has been covered with a heavy “blanket” of yellow pollen!!)  I sat on my patio and watched the birds come and go.  The squirrels were (almost) at my feet to get the whole peanuts.  There was a Hummingbird at the red feeder a second earlier but I failed to get it in the picture.  ~~  No demands on me this morning: No chiropractor appointment. I do not have to work this afternoon. I can enjoy my Garden of Eden or, as the critters might say, “garden of eat-in.”

Postscript: I’ve spent over a year developing my yard hoping to attract Hummingbirds and Bluebirds.  Praise the Lord, to my delight, I have both!!  

2 comments on “Garden of “Eat-in” !!

  1. Deb says:

    You’ve got some great pictures of the little monkeys! Anything in the garden for you to eat? Vegetables, herbs?

  2. Nothing in the garden to eat–yet. Nasturtiums are good on a salad!! (Hummingbirds love them!!) I changed my mind about Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants this year (my seedlings died). I might buy some pepper plants. Inspiration: I could grow zucchini, or cucumbers, in that large area by the parking lot.

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