Another trellis ?!

TrellisTrellisThis is another one of my unique trellis.  Note the “big white boxey thing” is a collapsible set of plastic shelves that could accommodate sweaters, etc., hanging inside a closet.  Last year, a plastic owl was perched on top of the vertical pole (to scare critters away from my Topsy Turvy Upside Down tomato plants).  I had the necessary items to create this–except a PVC pipe “T” at the top of the pole.  Not a very sturdy base so this is subject to a remodel; $2. for the “shelves” (from Goodwill) and $1.29 for the “T”.  ~~  “Being creative” keeps me from being apathetic.  “What’s the use of living?”  ~~  I’m sick (really); I never hear from my family (that breaks my heart).  It’s insane that I still have hardware items I purchased in Arizona, or California, prior to my move in November 2004.

Sounds like I’m having a “pity party”??  After watching Kind Hearted Woman on TV last night, I’m counting my many blessings.  I encourage you to watch the program.  It’s a reminder that many people living in the United States of America are struggling with their day-to-day existence.  ~~  Maybe I was drawn to this true story because I was a single parent–and know the struggle.  Little boys need their Dad and he (by choice) was over 3000 miles away.  Very limited finances so “necessity was the mother of invention” (I did my own maintenance).  I hoarded items that might be useful–in the future–for a project (and still do).

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