Knock, knock, anyone home ??

Sorry about the lack of details about the recent trip to Florida.  Quite honestly, I have been sick and lacked the energy to tackle the “sit down” job.  It is a beautiful weekend, weather-wise, and I desire to be outside in my garden.  BUT my tired body just wants to curl up in a blanket, with hot tea, and “do nothing.”  I believe my body was struggling to recover from the accident–so my resistance was low–so I was susceptible to catching a cold.  I’m taking some remedies from the drug store (against my bent regarding holistic health).  This too shall pass!!  Just wanted you to know why I am a “no-show.”

I did spent some time in the yard yesterday.  For the first time during my residency, I searched a route so I could get to the area below my yard.  It is too steep an embankment for me to climb!!  I needed to regain a $32. purchase (March 6th).  I believed it was secure but a clever squirrel might have sent it to the woods far below–and then consumed the delicacy?!  The small green bird feeder disappeared months ago…, the “baffle” went down in a recent windstorm.


Incline behind my yard.

Bird feeder

New $32. bird feeder "cage."


Rescued three....

Back to work.

One comment on “Knock, knock, anyone home ??

  1. Don Dishman says:

    Take care of yourself young lady. Things can wait until you are well! You are a special person and I have been blessed by knowing you personally, being able to give you a good hug. God bless.

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