Cold, tired, hungry !!

FrazzledI’m a masochist!!  I spent the entire day working on my new website Frantz Families — Kith & Kin.  My neck and shoulders ache; my eyes are tired; my posterior is weary!!  I’ve been cold most of the day.  We still have very low temperatures (and I wasn’t going to set the thermostat above 72).  But I am obsessive compulsive when I start a project!! Learning a new software program is always challenging!! ~~  I just fixed air-popped corn because it was the fastest and easiest!!  ~~ My back was turned so I didn’t see the birds (no bird watch today).
Genealogy bug
Postscript, Sunday, Jan. 27th, 6:30 PM: Add insanity to masochism!!! Today, many hours were spent on Ancestry.  Decades ago, I did my research “the old-fashioned way.”  A neophyte will find a bonanza of information on the Internet.  I’m still skeptical about the accuracy of records on the ‘net. I’ve definitely been bitten (again) by the genealogy “bug”!!!

Postscript, Saturday, Feb. 2nd, 2013, 12 noon: Some things seldom change!!  I’m in my pajamas; it’s cold outside; I’m hungry, and I’ve been obsessive about searching family history on Ancestry. OMG, the information is unending and fascinating!!  ~~  The backyard bird feeders, and squirrel feeders, are empty.  I’ve totally turned my back (physically and figuratively) on my backyard friends.  Oh, woe is me; so few hours in the day!!  Picture this: Genealogy books scattered on the floor and unmade bed (reference material).  Instead of “downsizing,” the “clutter” has multiplied!!

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